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Aggressively Defending You In DWI, Drug Cases

There’s a societal stigma related to alcohol and drug charges. Substance-related charges are serious offenses that can lead to steep fines and incarceration. A night on the town or a happy hour gathering with work colleagues was never meant to end with a DWI arrest. And an addiction to prescription drugs or possession of illegal drugs can, sometimes, lead to serious legal consequences.

An experienced criminal defense attorney is what you need. The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., in Irving, Texas, has decades of legal experience. Led by Dennis Croman, our law firm has represented hundreds of Texans arrested on DWI and drug charges. Mr. Croman will advocate for you to get the charges dismissed, reduced or acquitted. As a skilled negotiator, he will work with prosecutors and judges to secure the best results possible.

Dismissed, Reduced Or Acquitted

Committed to getting results, our legal team has represented clients in criminal cases such as:

  • Drunk driving and DWI, including clients arrested and charged more than once
  • Possession and distribution of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin
  • Cultivation and manufacturing of marijuana
  • Possession of illegal prescription drugs
  • Meth lab-related operations, including possession and distribution of methamphetamine

Our law firm will thoroughly investigate your case to determine whether law enforcement followed proper procedures. And because of our relationships with prosecutors and judges, we will negotiate to get the charges dismissed or reduced. But Mr. Croman also is an experienced litigator ready to take your case to trial.

Call An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

DWI and drug-related charges are serious. If arrested, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., in Irving, Texas, has been in practice for 47 years. We know the community, we know the people, and we know the law. Aggressive and dependable, Mr. Croman will fight for you. For an initial consultation, contact a lawyer at 972-746-4662.