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An Understanding Ally In Child Support, Adoption Cases

At The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., a large focus of our family law practice involves children. As your legal advisor, we work hard to protect your parental rights. Yet our approach to adoption, child custody or child support matters is more nuanced than in other areas of litigation. When issue impacts children, we are mindful of how our actions will affect them. We view part of our job as creating smooth transitions for them. Where possible, we negotiate for solutions that will spare everyone additional costs and emotional strain.

Led by Dennis Croman, our law firm has more than four decades of experience in family law. In child custody and visitation matters, we attempt to create workable solutions through negotiation and mediation. With adoption matters, we are thorough in understanding the law and helping guide you through the lengthy and sometimes complicated process.

Finding Solutions In Child Custody Matters

The cooperation of parents is crucial in child custody matters. A divorce will be difficult for your children as they wonder why their parents are no longer together. It’s in the children’s best interest to come up with workable ways involving child custody and visitation. Mediation can be a productive method in early settlement solution. But, if one parent remains uncooperative, we are prepared to take them to court. Mr. Croman is an experienced litigator who will advocate for you.

Prepared To Help You Adopt A Child

Mr. Croman and his team will help you understand the adoption process, explaining how it works and what you will need to do. This may include research on international adoption, the costs you may expect, or issues such as whether to pursue an agency adoption of private adoption. We also have strong relationships with social workers and child psychologists who can help you prepare for adoption screenings.

Helping Texans In Family Law; Call Us Now

Family law matters involving children can be delicate. This includes legal cases with divorce and child custody situations, or when parents seek to adopt. In either of these cases, you need a solid and effective family law attorney. The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., in Irving, has served Texas residents for nearly 50 years. We are knowledgeable, client-focused, compassionate and understanding. Contact a lawyer now at 972-746-4662.