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A Dependable Advocate In Divorce, Family Law Cases

Divorce is difficult to navigate as relationships crumble. In most divorce cases, many factors must be addressed from property division and child support to alimony and mediation. Resolutions are crucial, but going through a divorce often makes someone feel alone and misunderstood. It’s time to retain an experienced family law attorney who can provide solid guidance.

The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., in Irving, Texas, is prepared to help. Dennis Croman has nearly 50 years of legal experience with a great focus on family law. He’s knowledgeable about divorce law in Texas, empathetic to your situation and assertive in representing you.

Divorce Has Many Related Legal Issues

Divorce accounts for most of our family law cases, but we also represent families in adoption cases. Hundreds of clients in the Dallas area have benefited from the skills of Mr. Croman who has guided them through divorce cases, including:

  • Divorce and its related issues
  • Child support/child custody
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Modifications and enforcements
  • Mediation
  • Division of property
  • High-asset divorce

Working out the details of a divorce is crucial, and we do that well. Our law firm is one of the region’s strongest regarding divorce mediation. As a result, settlements are common in most of the divorce cases, meaning no trials. This can be a particular benefit to children, who can be spared the additional emotional upset of a courtroom battle over child custody.

We also know that you have accumulated a significant amount of assets during the marriage. Since you deserve your fair share of this property, we will do our best to secure it. That includes the house, property and investments such as pensions, retirement accounts and stocks.

Call An Experienced Divorce, Family Law Attorney Now

If you are going through a divorce or dealing with family law matters such as child adoption, you need a dependable lawyer. The Law office of Dennis R. Croman, Inc., in Irving, Texas, has decades of experience in family law. Our team is compassionate and aggressive, and knows Texas law. For a consultation, contact us at 972-746-4662 .